As a consultant, continuous learning is extremely to me. Over the years, I have exposed myself to different technologies and to document the experience. I have also published a couple of tools for the public to use.

Technical Articles

Writing helps you clarify your ideas and consolidate your knowledge. You can find a list of technical articles I wrote on this website as well as on Medium.

Web Application Development

Quacker Tools

Quacker Tools provides JSON Formatter, UUID Generator, and SQL Formatter for developers and non-developers alike, all without compromising their data privacy. Quacker Tool is also available in both English and Chinese.

Mobile Application Development

Kingsley Brush

Please note that this product has discontinued. Thank you all for your support to give this application a solid 4 star rating.

Kingsley Brush is not just another drawing program on iPad. It provides functionalities such as customizable brushes and color picker that are usually found in paid applications. With these tools, you can create professionally looking paintings. It also provides numerous stamps to help you spice up your paintings and to have fun from time to time. Email the finished painting to your loved ones.